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CheersForBeers.com is FOR SALE

CheersForBeers.com is a complete turnkey brand package for anyone in the beer brewing/event/marketing industry. It was meant to be a platform for all things related to craft beer, from new brands and old favorites to the latest brewing trends, pairings and anything else one wants to share. I saw it as a place for the craft brewer – local beers and where to find them to a place where people can share anything else in the beer theme. Ideally a local brewery, restaurant chain known for featuring craft/local beers or even local brewers guilds/associations.

Included in this package are all 61 related domain names, CheersForBeers.com logo, 2 registered trademarks and corporation. The content on Cheersforbeers.com is not available as part of this sale and you will need to provide all hosting and related websites elements. Social media handles are included in this branding package.*

I haven’t been actively engaged in this project for about 4 years so while the traffic has declined. I’ve put a lot of thought into this brand and I’m hoping someone with the same passion and excitement for beer will see the fun and money that can be made from developing CheersForBeers.com so please give me a call/send me an email and let’s have a conversation.

Call Chris at (404) 754-8575 or send me an email from our contact page



*I have the twitter handle “@CheersForBeers” and “Facebook.com/CheersForBeers” link, due to Twitter and Facebook’s terms and condition these handles are not for sale. The official buyer will get these handles and/or links at no additional cost.