Cake and Stout Love

BY REGGIE CURRIE (Twitter: @MrBikerBrew)
Photos BY JUSTIN Massongill (Website:

Love in our mouth, is just like love in real life. It combines two beautiful puzzle pieces into a sweaty smile of satisfaction. Effort is involved, and at times you willingly think more about your partner then yourself.. But in the end you both end up happy and giggling. Sharing huge smiles together.

Goran's redheaded Gingerbread Imperial Stout Buttercream and Roasted Pecan Cake

Tenaya Creek Brewery (Facebook: Tenaya Creek Brewery) and HookedonHops ( (Twitter: @HookedOnHops) came together with the expertise of Chef Goran to set this couple up. Tenaya’s Imperial Stout, and Goran’s redheaded Gingerbread Imperial Stout Buttercream and Roasted Pecan Cake. (Recipe)

Chef Goran

The Imperial Stout is a Large dark skinned warrior which greets you with a solid off-white shield and muscles coursing full of life and vigor. Beneath gloved coarse hopped hands, is a velvety smooth skin, smelling of cool coffee and warm Carmel. A thick, stick to your palate mouth feel lets you savor the dark chocolate roasted caramel, ending in Victory along a black Malty plain.

Goran took Tenaya Creeks massive Imperial Stout and brought him into the Kitchen! His Gingerbread Imperial Stout Buttercream and Roasted Pecan Cake, pairs just right with Tenaya’s massive build of Stout. Think warrior gets the princess.. Sweet buttery cream red-head, tames the warrior and they end up giggling with smiles on there face.

The Crowd at Tenaya Creek Brewery

It was a fun night featuring local cake, local beer, and local folks enjoying the work of two hands. Tenaya Creeks, and Gormo’s (Twitter: @CookingWthGormo). I think it’s fair to say we are all excited for more of this at the Creek!

Justin Massongill, Heather Rose and Danny & Luis

Your Brother in Beer,

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