Suds n’ Snow in Vegas

BY REGGIE CURRIE (Twitter: @MrBikerBrew)

Biscuity orange cream Sweet center
Herbal growing bitter orange peel outer
It’s like George Carlin in a beer… Drift

Here you sit, drawing across the canvas of your mind the perfect rugged mountain. Full of fresh powdered snow, and a snowboard painting sweet sweeping turns across the mountain. Your cheeks sting with a windy bitterness nicely balanced by a joyfully bulbous orange sun warming the day.

The term “Kick ass” only adds up to half of the equation. The other half is your Craft Beer!

This Winter Mt Charleston Lodge is Serving up a beer made exclusively for them! And of course the day described above. Tenaya Creek Brewery has crafted a Pale Ale tasting like George Carlin sounded. Bitter on the outside.. Sweet in the middle, and overall an enjoyable show lending a smile.

Similar to a old school English Pale Ale, Abominable sports a sweet biscuity bread-like center. Yet Anthony, the Brewer at Tenaya Creek along with Marcos and Johnny had fun with this one.


Below a head of drifting snow Anthony spread a merry orange-flavored creme that drifts across the nooks and crannies. You end up banking into a crust of bitter orange peels, blanketed with Columbus hops that clean our palate as you lift your glass desiring more… Bliss

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(Facebook: Tenaya Creek Brewey)

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