Awesome Beer Souls can be found at the Preserve

BY REGGIE CURRIE (Twitter: @MrBikerBrew)

“Tick and opportunity opens, and tock an opportunity closes.” And so it is, as we preamble through this walking experiment we like to call life. And so says one of my favorite characters from an old Sci-Fi show called Babylon 5. So when I arrived at The Springs Preserve for the Brews and Blues festival and had circumstances outside of my control tell me I had to be at work in an hour and a half, would not be able to drink the very craft beer I know and love, at the very event I was most looking to writing about.. it was definitely a kick in the manhood. TOCK..

Yet when a door closes another opens. I chose to spend the hour and a half I had trying to find the greatest souls, and the coolest personalities right here in the very valley we live. The following is just some of the awesome people I met, as I spirited around one of the most unique event spaces on the craft beer calendar

“The Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural institution designed to commemorate Las Vegas’ dynamic history and to provide a vision for a sustainable future. The Preserve features museums, galleries, outdoor concerts and events, colorful botanical gardens and an interpretive trail system that meanders through a scenic wetland habitat.”

Though I could not drink with you this day, we shall soon! Love to you all!
The Tenaya Creek Craft beer Ninjas Professionals at making awesome beer disappear!

The assistant Brewer for Zion Canyon Brewing Company in Zion Utah, fining a new type of Paradise.. Right here in Vegas!

Real Rockstars sport camelbacks! Meet Jen, Eric, and Rhiannon. Smart indeed :D

Meet some Beautiful Ladies.. Felicia and Michelle.

Mike, Jennifer, Brian, and Sheridan, sharing big happy drinking smiles. Cheers to YOU!

Theres something “Surly” About these kats.. oh yeah.. Say hi to Jeff of Tenaya Creek Brewery and his homies Ryan, Debbie, Ashleigh stopping for some pizza at..

Woodfired Pizza! Putting out the fires of of hunger with handmade Pizza and the coolest Firetruck oven ever!

Rebecka and Ben finding some perfect shade :)

I met Mike relaxing under the solar panels that ease the strain on our stressed Las Vegas power grid. Thank you panels for the shade.. and thank you Mike for the photo.

Say hello to The Singing 5! Becky, Karen, Cheri, Terry, and Al. Swilling down some Yummy Lagunitas IPA, and some Maui blond.

I’m going to stick my writers neck out there and say Lucky and Lindsey are a match made in Craft beer heaven. Just look at those genuine smiles!

Rachel needs another beer.. don’t fret friends.. we’re handling that shortly!

The Fantastic 4 “woofing” down some Las Vegas made, thirst quenching Big Dogs Red Hydrant Ale, and Leglifter Light!

Ranger Rick has no reason to arrest Whitney and Hillery, for they are drinking a solid Redhook Wit. Cheers to you all!

Ray and Darlene are happy to be at The Springs Preserve.. and so should you!

Adrian Enjoying some great company and a Tenaya Creek DIPA Tandem

The Springs Preserve ( (Follow: @SpringsPreserve) is one of Las Vegas hidden canvases painted with Mother Natures playful brushes of flora and fauna. Can you see yourself easily smiling in this medium for a bit. Mug of Craft Beer in hand, wandering through nature, with soulful Blues as your play list. I can, and so can all of the great folks above. Be sure to check back to The Springs Preserves Website for there next great event.

Your Brother in Beer,

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  1. Posted 9 Sep ’11 at 12:31 am | Permalink

    My first time to the Springs event. If I’m not serving next year, I’m partying there.

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