Stone Brewing Company Oakquinox!

BY REGGIE CURRIE (Twitter: @MrBikerBrew)

A turning tunnel of vibrant leaves welcomes you to Oakquinox! Your feet swiftly carry you into the paradisiacal other-world that is Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens. Gargoyles along the wall guard your step, proudly protecting a playground full of pixie dusted vernal wood. The bunnies and eggs have been left in favor of 100′s of Specially Oaked Craft Beers in Bottle or Tap, to usher in OUR Spring.

Kissing the Goat!

Found in the Pebble Lounge

Across the gardens I see my favorite Goat, Tatiana (Follow: @goats_udder). A firery, opinionated, sexy writer of words (, and drinker of fine aged wood. We hug while I steal the rest of her taster. She grabs my hand with playful grace and lures me into the Pebble Lounge. A spirit filled island gazebo, and home of one amazing bottle share! Gifts from afar have amassed. Blessed in Opening by our joyful conductor Dr Bill Sysak (Follow: @MasterPairings), and shared in goodwill with the Lucky.

Lucky Me!

It is from Bills hand a 2007 North Coast Old Stock ( is cracked. Like a lady deserving of attention.. her firewater splashes in my cup. Smelling of sweet dark aged fruit, fragrant oaken vanilla, and screaming of a desire to bite into my lip, I sip. Her whispering creamy head has my mouth “shovel ready”, and down I go. The musty tomb opens up, her taste hot and sweet. An ale platter of rasins and walnuts delivered by a sacred harlot, within her own house of ill repute. Amazing.

North Coast own Sacred Harlot

High security at the Oakquinox.

Perhaps the woman of ill repute had my beer soul a bit over-carbonated! As my next taster had me blowing my.. Well.. Here’s the inspired tweet:
“I just @&#* in my pants.. It may indeed taste like @greatdividebrew ( ) Choc Oak Aged Yeti w/ a note of @StoneBreingCo ( ) #Oakquinox! #Craftbeer”
Great Divides American Imperial Double Stout is like finding a spice garden in the middle of a very old oak forest right after it rains. For me its a beautiful union of coffee, burnt peppers, pine, and chocolate. Like a young silver haired man wearing his fathers suit with style and pride at his sisters wedding. In short this beer beautifully embodies youth and wisdom, age and exuberance.

Can you find the Elusive Yeti?

Only the finest beer leaves a mark on Richard's notes!

Then there’s the beer that was unlike any I have had to date! Jackie O’s Orange Oak, out of Athens Ohio. ( It starts with a simple white head and burst into a cornucopia of clementines, orange rind, pineapples and grapefruit. A hazy orange colored oak aged wild wheat beer that feels like chasing and eating the dragon at the same time. Treating your palate to a wet woody brush that finishes dry, funky and tart.

Big Wheel not Included..

Remember the Big Wheel with the ducktaped front wheel you jumped off curbs with as a kid?! Pushing your butt to the side to skid the rear end upon landing? As your mom looked on nervous and your dad looked on proud?  This beer delivers that fun right back atcha’ after all these years. Different, Fun, and Satisfying! (Follow: @JackieOsPubBrew)

Steve-O, Madeline, and Peter cooling off inside the Bistro

Stone Brewing Company, and Dr Bill once again put together an amazing event. I met great people, drank great beer, and was was treated to finally meeting The author of The Siracha Cookbook (, Randy Clemens (Follow: @RandyClemensESQ). I highly encourage you to enjoy a Stone Event for yourself! Or better yet, find one in your own state and invite me. I’ll sleep on your couch anytime! Lets drink together!

Randy and friends

Your brother in Beer,

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  1. Posted 9 May ’11 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

    Very nice write-up of an event – I like your non-standard approach to coverage. I could learn a lot from that. Cheers!

    • Reggie Currie
      Posted 9 May ’11 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Carla! A compliment from you has a lot of worth! Cheers to being “non-standard!”

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