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The 1st Annual @MrBikerBrew #BBC10 Tweet Awards

BY REGGIE CURRIE (Twitter: @MrBikerBrew)

The Tweets are real, and so are the Pics.. Everything else, is random #MASHED #AWESOMENESS! These are the OFFICIAL @MrBikerBrew #BBC10 Tweet Awards! Grab a #craftbeer, and share some laughs! Remember.. Life is SOOO much funnier when you drink & tweet!

The Beer Wench in Oskar Blues

#Best Pre #BBC10 Tweet!

@TheBeerWench: “You know you have a (social media) problem when you hold up security at the airport because you are too busy tweeting… #bbc10″

#Craziest Tweet!

@BrewDad: “#BBC10 Good morning all time for more conferencing. Just a FYI Boulder bail is 75 bucks for public #drunkenness.”

#Gregface x2

#Craziest TweetPic!

There where no cups in the #afterparty room to be found, go figure. So after this tweet –> @Goats_Udder: “someone needs to drink their beer, right f-ing now, I need a xtra cup!” #BBC10″ She is caught with my iPhone drinking Goose Island Imperial Stout out of this!! #WTF —>

#Funniest Tweets!

@Alesfrmthecrypt: “#BBC10 Live beer bloggers blogging was like speed dating at the Playboy mansion!”

@StoneBrewingCo @GregKoch speed dating #BBC10

@thirstynobeard: “I’m a man I like to be in the kitchen. The fridge and the oven is in there. #bbc10″

I have his Stoat and He likes it..

#Above and Beyond Brewery Award, and a few of the #Best Tweets that Reconizes it!

The Winner! @mountainsunpub: Who not only had great service & took care of our #beer, they where just so damn genuine. Even let us in to the brewery to take pics while they where busy brewing! Huge thanks!

@sp1365: “RT @JamesPavlik know all the #BBC10 folks know this, but the @mountainsunpub guys are not only making excellent beer, they’re also incredibly friendly!”

@fledglingbrewer: “thanks to @mountainsunpub for being so accomodating to us bloggers. Great staff & great beers Loved the XXX Pale Ale best. #BBC10 yfrog of the Brewers! –>

#EPIC Tweets from #BBC10 Speed Dating! The #MOSTFUN #EVER #TASTINGBEER!!

@BrewDad: “#HOLYSH!T – Sorry ladies – Damn 12th taster. Karl Strauss something something something. Thank god I am not driving#BBC10″

@beerbabe: “@BrewDad: you know what’s more insane that that? A “heaven and hell” is a 120 minute IPA floated on a Worldwide stout. INSANITY.”

@brewvana: “#bbc10 gd oak aged yeti just effing sexy. Nearly ruining my marriage once. And smelling it again I see wht”

@MisoHungry: “Barrel aged bourbon ale from @widmer_brothers #bbc10

The Tweets we wont admit to, but #applied to us all awards!

@GirlsPintOut: “@thebeerwench I think I was sober from 7-9am. :) #BBC10″

@romejohn5: “I’m guessing either @ErikBoles or @EliShayotovich Haha! RT @ColoBeerMan Jesus.someone keeps farting. Stooooopppp!!!!! #bbc10″

Gas goes down, I stand UP! On the bus to @OskarBlues

@RyanARoss: “Im on an overloaded bus with a bunch of sweaty men. I’m not snookie and this does not excite me. #bbc10 #fail”

#Afterparty ladies!

#Best #Afterparty Brewery Award & the Tweets that recognize it!


@MrBikerBrew: “@billybroas shows up for the #BBC10 #craftbeer #afterparty cc: @goats_udder”

@TheBeerWench: “My flight is delayed again. Tempted to say F it and head to @GreatDivideBrew for the after party #BBC10″

@Itasteyourbeer @beersnobchick showing up for the #BBC10 #Craftbeer #afterparty@GreatDivideBrew

At North Carolina Beer Wench - Check out the woven kicks!


And #Finally! The Best #Tweet from a #blogger NOT at #BBC10, during #BBC10!

@FromMyMellin: “What I learned form following the #BBC10 tweets – you’re a bunch of fun & awesome #craftbeer loving drunks! Ok there were some useful things”

@TheBeerWench 0 @MrBikerBrew 3

alone time with @GLBC_Cleveland


Thanks for laughing with us nerds, geeks, and lovers of #craftbeer! There are Lots more @MrBikerBrew Tweet Awards to come! And now a fun game!! The first person who follows all of the #AWESOME #tweeters in the article will get a 3 cool #craftbeers from me threw @beer2buds
YES! FREE BEER! Just take a screenshot of your follows! And now a Cheers:

Those that love us, love us
And to those that don’t..
May the Gods break there fingers!
So we can recognize them by their lame-ass Tweets!

Your brother in #BEER,

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  1. Posted 12 Nov ’10 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    Great awards. Just a note if you stay in jail on Saturday the meal for breakfast is pancakes with fresh blueberries and warm syrup. Each welcomed member tothe jail gets slippers and fresh coffee and a morning newspaper. Cheers….

    • Reggie Currie
      Posted 12 Nov ’10 at 11:08 pm | Permalink

      Warm syrup to go with your puckered.. “blueberries?” LOL! Cheers to @BrewDad!

  2. Posted 12 Nov ’10 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

    I LOVE IT!!!! After a couple drink I’m such a BAMF! hahahaha or maybe I just feel that way :-P

    • Reggie Currie
      Posted 12 Nov ’10 at 11:10 pm | Permalink

      Certainly a BAMF young lady.. Cheers!

  3. Posted 17 Nov ’10 at 3:50 pm | Permalink

    Good times!! Looking forward to #BBC11.

    • Reggie Currie
      Posted 18 Nov ’10 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

      Indeed Tiffany! #BBC11 holds even more fun for sure!

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